For this morning’s walk, recognizing when help arrives. The hero shows up more often than you think! Here’s the link to the podcast, Sentimental Garbage, that surprised me so pleasantly this week.

Shout out during my walk to Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons. Links below to her fabulous talk referencing The Mandalorian and to my upcoming Lenten series with Lisa Deam. Enjoy!

As promised, here’s the talk I referenced delivered by the Rev. Dr. Tricia Lyons at this week’s Forma Conference. The Mandalorian reference is in the second half of of the presentation, but I highly recommend you view the whole thing. She’s a thrilling speaker!

And here’s a heads up on something new I’m doing. In these fraught times you may need spiritual renewal like never before. Author Lisa Deam and I are ready to take the journey with you back to your heart. Join us starting Feb. 17 for this free online #Lenten retreat “Pilgrimage of Renewal.” You can learn more about it and register here

The worldwide pandemic has disoriented many of us spiritually as well as socially. Lent is an ideal time to find your way back to the path that connects you to God and to your own deep well of spirituality. I hope to see you onscreen!

Take good care of yourself. Be well.