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907, 2018

Wide-Open Country and Romantic Dreams: An Interview with Sophfronia Scott

At Fiction Writers Review: “We tend to think of being an artist in terms of inspiration, but we also need to know how to work”: Author Kali VanBaale chats with Sophfronia Scott about misbehaving characters, what writers can learn from Bruce Springsteen, writing across genres, and Sophfronia’s new novel, Unforgivable Love, published from William Morrow. Go [...]

906, 2018

Brevity Reviews Love’s Long Line

Author Renée E. D’Aoust writes, "Sophfronia Scott’s collection of essays Love’s Long Line reminds us that a life lived with hope is a life full of possibility. While walking in New York City’s Central Park or visiting her emotionally absent mother in Ohio, Scott shows us what it means to find faith." The review is available at [...]

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