What Happened On June 21, 2018

What happened on June 21, 2018? A lot! And you’ll get to know so much of it thanks to a fascinating project launched by Essay Daily. The editors of the website devoted to a particular form of creative nonfiction, the essay, asked writers from all over to write about their day on a single day, June 21st. “It’s the solstice, so in theory it has more day than any other day this year, which is why we picked it,” they said. The website is publishing the results daily through the coming weeks. Already there’s been remarkable reading from Sonya Huber, Melissa Matthewson, John Proctor, Dinty W Moore, and many, many more. The range of experiences is amazing to see at once. You can read more about the project at this link. Once you start reading the missives you won’t be able to stop!

My entry ran this week. June 21 for me turned out to be a mini-odyssey of returning to Connecticut after being away for several days teaching and speaking at the Publishing in Color Conference in New Jersey at the New Brunswick Seminary. “…the rose campion flowers have bloomed in my absence. Their winking pink faces welcome me home.” Check it out by going here. I hope you’ll enjoy it and think about how many things large and small can happen on these long summer days.


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