This week I’ve been at Chautauqua Institution and for this morning’s walk, thinking about how finding joy often requires work and time spent being uncomfortable. And yes, it’s worth it! Shout out to my beautiful friend Terry Tempest Williams who is here as well. We delivered our talks on the same day and spent an evening with friends observing purple martins. Life is good.


I was honored to be invited to deliver a lecture at Chautauqua. The title: “In the Water and in the Air: Embracing the Divine Through Nature.” I’ll post more about it in the “News” area of this website.

In the meantime, I’ve been asked if the lecture is available online. It is but only behind a paywall at

It’s actually a good deal because you can access all of Chautauqua Institution’s lectures past and present and watch this summer’s lectures live. I subscribed so I could watch John Philip Newell’s lecture live on July 8 and I’m looking forward to exploring the site more. I hope you enjoy it!

Keep walking! I know I will, and I’ll see you again soon.