Sophfronia Scott and WTNH Chief Meteorologist Gil Simmons

(WTNH) – Dealing with anger and grief in today’s society can be extremely difficult, especially from a parent’s perspective.

Mother, and author Sophfronia Scott joined Good Morning Connecticut at Nine to talk about her book “Love’s Long Line.”

You can view the video of Scott’s conversation with anchor Jocelyn Maminta at this link.

In “Love’s Long Line,” Scott contemplates what her son taught her about grief after the shootings at his school, Sandy Hook Elementary; how a walk with Lena Horne became a remembrance of love for Scott’s illiterate and difficult steelworker father; the unexpected heartache of being a substitute school bus driver; and the satisfying fantasy of paying off a mortgage.

Scott’s road is also a spiritual journey ignited by an exploration of her first name, the wonder of her physical being, and coming to understand why her soul must dance like Saturday Night Fever’s Tony Manero.