When my son was three he spent his mornings at a daycare center down the road from our home. There were days, of course, when he wasn’t thrilled about getting dropped off and he’d be fussy as were many of his pre-school age friends. On such days I’d point out one of the younger children, babies really, and say, “Look, the baby is crying. Can you help?” He’d forget his own distress, take a toy to the baby, and sometimes even talk. Helping took him out of himself. He was able to comfort the baby and, in the process, help the baby’s mother and myself as well.

After such a chaotic week and with ongoing concern about the coronavirus and COVID-19, I thought it would help you and me to spend some quiet time in the woods. For today’s Morning Walk with Sophfronia, join me for a hike in Rocky Glen State Park and a talk about how not to miss the moment when you may get the chance to be a helper.

By the way my schedule–along with yours and everyone else’s!–has changed with several events postponed until autumn or later. You always check the Events page on my website, viewable at this link, for the latest updates. I hope to see you very soon.

Until then, take care, stay positive, and be well.