Inspired by Jackie Robinson

jackie-robinson-42Seventy years ago today, on April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson crossed the color line to play for Major League Baseball’s Brooklyn Dodgers. In my forthcoming novel, UNFORGIVABLE LOVE, my character Valiant Jackson is present in the stadium for that historic moment. When he witnesses Robinson’s classy behavior in the face of the abusive slurs rained upon him, Val begins to glimpse the notion that there might be a reason to be a good person in the world. How that notion grows and what happens to the rakish Val and the women in his life as a result is the story of UNFORGIVABLE LOVE. Find out the rest on September 26 when the novel hits the shelves from William Morrow HarperCollins. Pre-order today online or at your local bookstore.


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  1. jluongo32013 April 15, 2017 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    How wonderful you have a new book coming out, on such a special subject. I look forward to it. We are all fans of Jackie Robinson in our family. My son in elementary school, when he took up baseball, was very impressed with that story. 70 years ago – such courage!

    • Sophfronia April 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm - Reply

      Hi Janet! Thanks so much. The book isn’t about Robinson, but his historical event is a kind of catalyst for the narrative of my novel. Baseball is referenced throughout the book because of a character’s love for it. Robinson returns toward the end of the book when my character goes to the World Series. Can’t wait for you to read it!

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