Curating the Awst Press Anniversary Essay Series

Recently I had the honor of being asked by Awst Press to curate, along with the author ‪Susanna Childress, its annual essay series. Awst is an independent literary publisher located in Austin, TX. Awst is Welsh for August, the month in which the press was founded, and the essay series takes place each August to celebrate the press’s anniversary. Last year I had the pleasure of contributing an essay, “Of Flesh and Spirit,” to a series with the theme of “Outsiders.”

This year’s theme is similarly thought-provoking and important: Religion. Here are the thoughts Susanna and I posted this week on our topic:

It’s been great taking on the subject of religion and spending the past few months recruiting writers and working with them on their essays. Over the next month we’re featuring the writing of Ayesha Ali, A. AnupamaSarah Faulman ArthurEman Beshtawii, Alicia Jo Rabins, Allison Schuette, Michelle Webster-Hein, and Sarah Wells. Their essays are amazing. I hope you’ll follow the series and catch them all.

Here’s the first essay, “The Lord’s Name,” from the excellent Sarah Wells. I love that she invokes the late Brian Doyle. The Annie Lennox quote is pretty cool too!
Enjoy the journey.
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