About Faith: What I Want You to Know

Sometimes an interview question hits home. When it does the question becomes much more than a question. It’s a request for depth, for clarity, for the utmost authenticity. It wants to know what’s inside you that you can offer up with the most light possible. It’s asking what you want the world to see.

I heard such a question recently when I was interviewed by Megan Dewald for a series by the Princeton Theological Seminary called The Thread. We talked about vocation, writing, and hope. Then, in the last few minutes of the brief session, Megan asked me the question that resonated to the core of my being: What have I learned in my life about faith, and what do I want Christians to know about it? I hope I responded not just for Christians, but for everyone. You can have a listen and hear my answer by going to this link. Let me know if it hits home for you.

Be well.

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