Crita has come a long way from her small-town Ohio roots. A successful tax accountant living in Manhattan, she finally has the independent life that she dreamed of as a girl. However, with one fateful phone call, Crita’s life is turned upside down. Suddenly back home, living under her parent’s roof, Crita must confront two powerful men from her childhood–Link, her destructive brother with whom she shares a dark secret, and Tree, her first love.

Facing memories that she would rather forget, Crita struggles to reconcile a tumultuous past with a calmer, quieter present. Needing help along the way, she may even learn to lean on Tree, the only man who could ever give her “what she needs to get by.” In this riveting debut novel, Sophfronia Scott speaks for anyone that knows just how hard it is to go back home again.

“Lorain, Ohio, is familiar territory to readers of Toni Morrison, but Sophfronia Scott makes it her own. All I Need to Get By is a stunning debut, a story of family and memory, and the stories we tell about both in order to “get by.” The novel is equal parts profundity, humor, and grace, and its author promises to take a place among the best writers of her generation.”

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. , Harvard University