Thomas Merton Retreat, Wisdom House, Litchfield, CT

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The Humanity of Thomas Merton and the Key to Grace for an Impossible World

With Sophfronia Scott

The Thomas Merton who lived as a contemplative monk studying, writing, and praying was also
a man who could be impatient, rambunctious, charming, deceptive, in pain and in love. In other
words, he was completely human and in the vulnerability of that messy humanity he most felt
the grace of God. That humanity can take Merton beyond the realm of mystic/saint, making
him more accessible to us so that through him we may learn how to reach for God in the midst
of our own imperfections. Author Sophfronia Scott considers this connection and, recognizing
that so many of the issues of Merton’s time (race, peace, ambition, materialism, love) are,
sometimes frustratingly so, still our issues today, will discuss how Merton’s work helps us to see
through a lens of grace, allowing us to love the impossible world even as we seek to redeem it.

During our time together Sophfronia will also work with us on how everyone can develop our
own relationship with Merton’s spirituality in a way that will help deepen our own and allow us
to tune into the unity Merton sensed during his life changing epiphany at 4 th and Walnut.

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